We present you our photo and video archive. In it, you will find a small part of the microscopic audiovisual content we have been creating, recording and photographing during the last years.

We have made a small selection as a sample of our work, although our archive of both video and photography is really much larger.


In the section “Photo stock” you can find some of the photographs that we liked best, both for their appearance and for their content. All of them are photomicrographs, although we don’t only photograph microscopic organisms. We also take other types of photography, such as macro photography, landscape photography, documental photography, photography of events, etc…


In the section “Video archive” you can see some of the videos we have uploaded to the Vimeo platform. As you can see some of them are about microscopic organisms, others about not so tiny organisms and there are also videos about some research projects in which we have collaborated.