Science into Images – A day of work with us

Today it’s a special day. The last chapter of the Inhabitants of the Microworld series has been published and to celebrate it, we’ve come up with a different coloring booklet this time.

Today’s coloring booklet is called Science into Images – A day of work with us. In it, we show you how’s a journey of work at Science into Images. From preparing to go to the countryside to back to the studio uploading our videos to our YouTube channel.

Join us in this journey and learn how we prepare to go to the countryside, how we select, collect and prepare the samples, how we film and photograph these microscopic organisms through our microscope and how we prepare our documentaries for you to watch.

We are very happy that the artist Vanessa Linares has illustrated this booklet, as if it was a comic, with our characters transformed into her “guspirus”.

We hope you like this special booklet, don’t forget that at the end of the booklet we’ve inserted some illustrations for youj to paint.

¡See you next week with another coloring booklet!

Science into Images – A day of work with us