CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Collaboration with CosmoCaixa Barcelona in the production of the new permanent exhibition UNIVERSE.

We took part in some modules about the origins of the ecosystems, reproduction, biomimesis, microbial mats and Winogradsky columns among others.

Journey to the invisible

Collaboration with the “Associació Catalana per a la Difusió Científica – ACDIC”; in its  science dissemination event “SCIENCE NEEDS YOU – Les fronteres de la biomedicina” which was held on October 2017 in Figueres (Girona)


Beyond our eyes lies a world inhabited by a huge amount of tiny and extraordinary living beings. They are beings of a strange beauty that, thanks to the microscope, become visible and give us a wonderful range of shapes and colors. They are protozoa, bacteria, microscopic algae and tiny animals that make up our other world. A world imperceptible directly by our senses but that has a great importance both for our own existence and for the existence and functioning of what we know under the name of Biosphere.


And it is that beyond its beauty, its strange and surprising appearance, these tiny beings are the ultimate responsible for life on our planet as we know it and for the special characteristics that make the Earth such a special place in our Solar System.

International Images for Science 2015

The International Images for Science exhibition features an extraordinary variety of images – from highly technical to highly conceptual, from entrants who are imaging professionals to those who are enthusiastic amateurs, showing subjects from the scale of atoms to the scale of the Universe. The exhibition showcases intriguing and awe-inspiring imagery, revealing the diverse ways in which photography records, documents and communicates modern science, often with images captured with types of light that are beyond human vision.

Royal Photographic Society – London, UK.

Images for science

The exhibition Images for science has its origin in the work of Luis Monje Arenas, whose images constitute the first part of it. Five other authors, Rubén Duro among them, also exhibit their works in a journey through 45 photographs, taken through 16 different scientific photographic specialties. The exhibition shows both content of scientific and social interest, such as butterflies, cubic cement or Tibetan yaks shepherds, and photographic techniques used in the work of researchers, such as ultraviolet photography, super scanning macro-photography or planetary astro-photography.


  • CosmoCaixa Madrid (March 2012-April 2013)
  • CosmoCaixa Barcelona (May 2013-May 2014)
  • Centrum Nauki Kopernik Warsaw (November 2014-August 2015)