Painting booklet to make children’s quarantine during COVID-19 confinement more bearable

During these days of confinement by COVID-19, the Science into Images team has edited a small booklet for children to learn about some microscopic organisms while painting them.

The booklet is in two languages, Catalan and Spanish. And it has several versions.

  • The GENERAL BOOKLET, in din A4 horizontal format to be able to print it easily, contains 10 photographs of 10 different microscopic organisms. Each one with its explanation and with its drawing to colour.
  • The LEARNING BOOKLET, in din A4 vertical format, contains the 10 photographs of the microscopic organisms in addition to the explanations. It is designed to be consulted digitally, from your mobile phone, ipad/tablet or computer, as printing involves the consumption of a large amount of printer ink.
  • The DRAWING BOOKLET, in din A4 format, contains the 10 drawings of the microscopic organisms prepared for children to colour them. It is designed to be printed and to be coloured with the learning booklet nearby so that the information about the microorganism and its colouring can be consulted.
    We hope that you take advantage of it and that the quarantine will become more bearable with these contents that we have created for you.


Cuadernillo general Los organismos microscópicos

The Science into Images team.

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