NEW Science into Images radio section

At Science into Images we are facing a new challenge, one that we are very excited about and, why not admit it, a little nervous.
Our friends from the “Maresmejant” radio programme, the cultural magazine of the Maresme region, of Mataró Ràdio, have proposed that we take charge of a new radio section on science and…
We have taken up the gauntlet!! We have accepted the challenge!
Mataró Ràdio is a municipal radio station with a basically regional scope, so the initial idea is to deal with science issues related to the region. However, at Science into Images we think that science has (or should have) no frontiers, so we will also try to deal with more general topics that we consider interesting.
We think that many of you will be interested in delving a little (or a lot) more deeply into the topics that we will be dealing with in the section, so we will try to publish on our website and on our social networks links, images, videos and anything else that we think you might find useful in order to find out a little more about the topics covered.
The premiere of our monthly section, entitled “Science into Images” (how could it not?) is scheduled for Sunday, December 6, and as we are all affected by the COVID-19, the pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2, for the first day of the section we have chosen a topic related to it. We will not talk about the virus or the epidemic itself, but about some aspects of how research is being carried out.
We will talk about ORGANOIDS.
A strange name, isn’t it? We think so too, but it is the term by which these wonders are known that, since approximately 2009, have revolutionised the field of research in the Life Sciences, including both medicine and biology.
We would be delighted if you listen to us and give us your comments after the programme.
The programme is broadcasted every Sunday from 11am to 1pm on Mataró Ràdio, at 89.3 of the FM, and you can also access the contents of the programme at any time through the “A la carta” section of Mataró Audiovisual .

You can access to the program section at our website by clicking on the image below.

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