“Inhabitants of the Microworld”, the new series about the micro-world

“Inhabitants of the Microworld” is a series of short videos produced by Science into Images that aims to show the enormous amount of organisms that inhabit the microscopic world that we cannot see with the naked eye.

These inhabitants are mainly protozoa, microalgae, microscopic animals such as tardigrades, nematodes or water fleas, as well as the initial stages of development of larger organisms, such as some mosquitoes. All of them belong to that part of ecosystems that we hardly ever pay attention to. They are many, many of them, and although they pass completely unnoticed by most of us, they are fundamental to the functioning of the biosphere as a whole.

The Inhabitants of the Microworld series is designed to serve as an educational resource to support teaching, however, due to the special circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic that is hitting our society these days, we have made it available to all those interested through our YouTube channel. We hope that both educators and parents and, especially, children and young people, can enjoy it and learn with it, and that this will help them to cope better, even if it is only in small pills, with the confinement to which we are forced.

From Science into Images we would like to ask you, if you like the series, to share it with the people you think might also like it.


Jara and Rubén.

Science into Images

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