Blog inauguration!

We have launched Science into Images’ blog!

In “Field notebook” (that’s how we’ve named Science into Images’ blog), we will be writing our day by day (or week by week, month by month, as it comes) working on the Science into Images project.

We will talk about biology, microscopy, audiovisual material, scientific content, research and conferences in which we participate, trips, excursions, projects in progress, challenges that we encounter in the course of our work and anything else that we think might be of your interest.

The aim of this “Field Notebook” is to get a little closer to you and for you to be able to penetrate the entrails of Science into Images, to know the challenges of our work and to feel that you are part of this project. In addition, you have a comments section where you can leave your opinions, suggestions and ideas about each of the topics or entries we share. We invite you to do so!

Today, as the first entry of “Field notebook”, Rubén Duro has written his experience in the Conference “The Symbiotic Earth. How Lynn Margulis started a scientific revolution” which he attended on 11 and 12 December 2019 at the University of Valencia. You can visit and read it through this link:

We are waiting for you at FIELD NOTEBOOK!