Article about jellyfish in “Investigación y Ciencia”

Last September, the researcher Ainara Ballesteros, from the Institut de Ciències del Mar, and Rubén Duro, creator of Science into Images, published the article “La picadura de una medusa” in the journal “Investigación y Ciencia”.

The article is about the mechanism used by jellyfish to “sting”. When jellyfish want to attack a prey or when they want to defend themselves against a threat, throw some small filaments that discharge the stinging venom through their cnidocytes.

In the article, Ainara and Rubén explain their research and the solutions they provide to these stings. In addition, it contains detailed photomicrographs of the cnidocytes and venom capsules.

You can see the full article here:

Also, you can download the article (in Spanish) in PDF:

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