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Barcelona, 1963. Biologist, University of Barcelona (1987). Master in Environmental Management, Open International University (1995). Member of the Spanish Society for Microbiology (SEM), the Catalan Society for Biology (SCB) and the Spanish Association for the Scientific Image and Film (ASECIC). He has developed a career as filmmaker and scientific photographer, producing several documentary series on natural history for TV channels, among them “Tiny Worlds”, broadcast in Spain by the Spanish Public Television (TVE) and in South America through the International Channel of TVE and “Come with us” broadcast in six European countries through the Digital Satellite Channel. His work has been shown in international photographic exhibitions, either individually such as “Microlife. Beyond the human eye” in CosmoCaixa (Barcelona), CosmoCaixa (Madrid) and Centrum Nauki Kopernik (Warsaw, Poland) with more than 1 million visitors, or collective, such as International Images for Science 2015 (organized by the Royal Photographic Society, London, UK). His work has been recognized with several international awards, including the Award of the Public for the Best Film at the 25th International Biennale of Scientific Film (Ronda, Spain, 2008) and the Honorable Mention for the Macrocinematography at the 32th International Wildlife Film Festival (Montana, USA, 2009). He has been editor, writer and/or coordinator of several encyclopaedias on science, environmental issues and natural history for Salvat, Espasa, Planeta, Anaya and Larousse. He is author of the paper books “Biodiversitat Invisible” for the Institute for Catalan Studies and Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona, and “Born in a drop” for 3,14 Servicios editoriales. He has been also author of several press collectibles for RBA-National Geographic Society. He collaborates with several academic groups, both in scientific research and in outreach activities.

Barcelona, 1993. Degree in Audiovisual Media (2015) from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and Postgraduate Degree in Digital Editions from BAU (Barcelona School of Design). She worked in the Department of Translation and Interpretation of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) as a Research Support Technician. In this field, her tasks consisted of directing, filming and editing the explanatory videos of the different projects/experiments of the Transmedia Catalunya group, working as a photographer of the conferences organized by this research group, contributing to the organization of the different conferences and events and supporting with her work all the future PhDs of the group. She also managed the eye-trackers rent service at LabTTAV and assisted in the use of these machines. She worked as a graphic designer in the documentary series “Hidden Biodiversity” (for the educational market in the United States). She has also prepared the ebook “Tiny Worlds”, the interactive digital publication “Awakening, a closer look to the beginning of life” [link] and is currently preparing the book “Microscopic Landscapes”.

Barcelona, 1997. Degree in Political Science and Public Management + Sociology (2020) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He manages the photo and video archives of Science into Images and also works as documentalist, photographer and filmmaker specialised in photomicrography.