41. Nasty mess

The 41st chapter of the “Inhabitants of the microworld” series is called “Nasty mess”.

Larvae of the common fly (Musca domestica) are voracious feeders on any organic matter. The result of their activity is, generally, a decomposing mass, a mixture of the fluids of the decomposing matter and their own excrements. These larvae have not locomotive appendages, and they move on and inside the meal by mean of crawly movements. Their development is extraordinarily quick, and in a few days each larva will become an adult fly that will restart the cycle.

This is the 41st chapter of a series that will bring to us a video per day during this confinement forced by COVID-19.

We hope that you enjoy this initiative, which gives access to a documentary series for free to the world, and you share it with everyone you think will possibly be interested.

Science into Images’s team.