100 subscribers!

We are celebrating!

We’ve reached 100 subscribers on our YouTube channel! That means at least 100 people like what we do and find the videos interesting.
We have received many comments about the Inhabitants of the Micro-world series, and all of them are good. We are very grateful that you like our work and that you share it, give it “likes” and comment on our videos.

Many thanks to those 100 people who have already subscribed to our channel!
And we hope you do so too.

Here are the links to the news of each video we have published so far:

  1. Microbial mats
  2. Beast and beauty
  3. Fan fighters
  4. Caddisflies
  5. Red Midge
  6. Dancing flatworm
  7. Born in a drop
  8. Down-up. Reflections
  9. Lethal softness
  10. Ephemeral life
  11. Micro scavengers
  12. Backswimmer’s pond
  13. Lonely Alona
  14. Tiger ready
  15. Water bear
  16. Sliding amoeba
  17. Phantom killer
  18. Tiny bells
  19. Flexible needle
  20. Micro stars
  21. Contractible trumpets